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Nick Poggetti MKTG 188 B. Barr Rob Sloan Tweetation As manager of marketing for Cisco’s Borderless Network, Rob Sloan was very knowledgeable of his company and his job. He was able to preset a very large bulk of information to our class in the hour he was given. The beginning of his presentation focused on Cisco, and I pulled out a few interesting points from it. For example, the first slide described that because Cisco is such a huge supplier with the big business sector, they are able to use their big business brand to enter into the medium and small business segments of the market. I thought this was a good point, and an excellent way to start his presentation, because learning how a business works on a large scale helps when studying the more specifics, which came later in the presentation. Another point I found very interesting in the beginning was learning a little bit about the international marketing, especially towards Japan. Since Japan is very nationalistic, I thought it was explained well that you must
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