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Excel 2003-Tutorial 1 Internet Assignment I NTERNET  A SSIGNMENT Picking on online broker Pick your favorite web portal and do a search for online brokerage firms. Choose 5 or 6 firms to evaluate and visit their sites so you can fill out the spreadsheet as directed below. 1. Create a new Excel workbook and save it as Online Brokers.xls . 2. Put an appropriate title in the first row. 3. Set up a column for Broker Name and URL Address. In addition, include as a minimum the following data columns with headings: Min. Open Bal., Regular Trade Fee, Stop/Limit Order Fee, Margin-enabled Account?, Mutual Funds available?, Secured Site? and Comments. Use up to two cells for the longer column headings. 4. Fill in all the data for each online firm considering the following: The URLs should be entered including the http:// . You can navigate to the site, click in the address bar, click copy (Ctrl-C) then move back to your worksheet and paste (Ctrl-V). All the headings with a ‘?’ (question mark) in them denote a Yes/No type of entry for that
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