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Final ProjectMSWORD

Final ProjectMSWORD - Starbucks has grown I will research...

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Salutations! Nick Poggetti 500 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 95053 Phone: 650 - 766-7029 Greetings Professor Armstrong, For my final project I have decided to research the financials or Starbucks Corporation, the largest coffee corporation in the world. I thought they would prove to be a beneficial research topic because in many large cities, New York in particular, one can find a Starbucks on almost every corner. Since they are visible from every street corner, I thought it would be interesting to research how fast and how rapid
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Unformatted text preview: Starbucks has grown. I will research the stocks of Starbucks: their past history and current performance. Using this data I will analyze possible future performance by factoring in the recent trends, and possible economic reasons for increased/decreased performance of the company. With this data I hope to present useful advice to someone possibly looking to invest in Starbucks stock, whether I dissuade or persuade them to buy it. Thank you, Nick Poggetti Student Santa Clara University 3/20/2008...
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