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Nick Poggetti November 20, 2008 OMIS 34 Project Group Evaluation My group was known as Supremo Teamo and included myself, Logan Dobbs, Christine Collins, Darren Harter, and Matt Gaines. Overall our group got along well and worked together successfully to produce what I feel was a good project on the iPhone. Christine was a facilitator in the group and arranged meeting times and took lead. She did ample research on her section and brought good spirits to the atmosphere of our group. She typed the group proposal. She also conducted the interview with Logan Logan typed the project paper as we fed her the information. She did a very good job because she brought much information and conducted the interview with Christine. Logan was
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Unformatted text preview: able to bring a lot to the table in terms of our project. Darren did the bulk of the research and was very patient as he facilitated what information went where and in what order. He was a very large part of the group. Matt also brought much of the information to the group, and performed his role well. He had personal experience with Apple products because he owns an iTouch, which is similar to the iPhone, just minus the phone part. I made the powerpoint and researched applications of the iPhone. I feel as a group overall, we performed all about equally and contributed equally as well....
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