Paper - 654883 The Ishna Ritual is a rite of passage...

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654883 The Ishna Ritual is a rite of passage practiced by the Oglala Sioux, a Native American tribe . This rite of passage transitions young females of the tribe into women. Through the lens of Emile Durkheim, the Ishna Ritual is seen as a religious idea which was developed through deep emotion and connection to what they were doing, and ultimately shaped their religion . If one were to look through the lens of Victor Turner, a famous anthropologist, they would see many symbols that represent nature and how the society incorporates it into their life . Both Durkheim’s and Turner’s theories relate to the Ishna Ritual from different aspects . They both study two different aspects of a society, sharing different ideas about what relates to the Ishna Ritual . Durkheim presents the culture of a society and Turner presents the symbols they use . To view this ritual through the lens of both these theorists, one must understand the ritual itself . The Ishna Ritual is performed by the Sioux Native American tribe and deals with the girls of the tribe when they have their first menstrual period . This ritual is the beginning of their path to becoming a woman in the tribe, and readies them for the rest of their life by having them go through this rite of passage . The ritual will provide a commonality between all the women of the tribe . It creates a bond between the women, because it is something that only they have experienced . A good example of a rite of passage this could be compared to would be the rush period of a fraternity or sorority . It is an initiation cycle. The Ishna Ritual begins with the construction of a tipi outside of the camp circle, and only a select few are allowed to enter . As the ritual begins, a prayer is given to their god and the Earth . The leader of the ritual, named Slow Buffalo, purifies himself with smoke from a sweet grass plant . Next tobacco is used as a sacred object and is offered to their god in hopes that he will prepare the girl for her life ahead . After this, Slow Buffalo imitates the noise of a buffalo, blows red dust from his mouth and digs a hole to resemble a buffalo wallow . The tobacco is again used as a sacred object as lines are
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654883 drawn from north to south and east to west . Next a blue line is painted above the previously offered tobacco which symbolizes the heaven and Earth together . Sacred objects that consist of
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Paper - 654883 The Ishna Ritual is a rite of passage...

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