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Santa Clara University Official Course Syllabus Elementary Spanish 1 Fall Quarter 2007 Course # 35407 Day and Time MWF 8:00am - 9:05am Bannan 308 Course # 35409 Day and Time MWF 9:15am - 10:20am Engr 105 Course # 35419 Day and Time MWF 11:45am - 12:50pm Engr 105 Units 4 Course Prerequisites None Instructor Stephanie Daffer Email Address * Preferred Method of Communication Office Telephone 408.554.5177 Department Telephone 408.554.4049 Office Address Bannan Hall # 326 Office Hours MWF 10:30 – 11:30am or by appointment Required Texts Terrell, et al. Dos Mundos , Sixth Edition/McGraw-Hill Publisher, 2006 Dos Mundos, Cuaderno de actividades Paquete del curso (A bound copy of handouts to be used throughout the class available at the SCU Bookstore) Recommended Texts 501 Spanish Verbs by C. Kendris Barron's Educational Series and a basic Spanish/English Dictionary Course website 6 To access homework and course exercises: Go to homepage ( ). Click on Dos Mundos 6. Click on Student Edition in Online Learning Center box on left hand side. Click on the Choose One Pull Down on the left hand side. Select the desired Paso o Capítulo. Select the desired link (most likely Laboratory Audio Program for homework assignments). Note This course syllabus, a list of daily homework assignments and other class-related materials can be found on Eres. The course password is ‘ daffer ’. Course Description The first in a series of three courses. The material in Chapters A - 4 of Dos Mundos will be covered. The instructor will decide how and in what order to introduce material depending on class assimilation of the concepts/content. Lectures, written and oral drills, dictation, simulations of real-life situations, small group (2 or 3 students) activities, cultural readings, and videos constitute the main activities of the class. By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of the most basic principals of
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span_1_syllabus_fall_2007 - Santa Clara University Official...

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