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Nick Poggetti TESP 124 Critical Book Report March 18, 2011 Lars and the Real Girl Lars and the Real Girl is a cross between comedy and drama written by Nancy Oliver that explores the relationship of the main character Lars, and his anatomically correct doll, Bianca . Through the film we learn about Lars’ unstable past which gives reason to why he has decided to engage in this peculiar romance with Bianca . The film addresses many topics that normally would be minor setbacks for a person, but for Lars the combination of his problems add up to inept social skills, difficulty with skin contact, and the need for solidarity . The issues addressed in this film are all issues that the Catholic Church has opinions on including how to deal with relationships, community, sorrow, and how the domestic church affects life growing up . Ultimately, the film is about Lars channeling his problems through this doll as a coping mechanism . In this paper I will explore how Lars is able to use Bianca as a way to express, deal, and resolve his problems so that he is eventually able to overcome his fears and begin what seemed to a start towards a mainstream life . Nancy Oliver, the author of this story is a playwright and screenwriter who is known for her success of the TV series Six Feet Under . In 2008, Lars and the Real Girl earned her an Academy Award nomination for the best Written Original Screenplay . Her creation of Lars and the Real Girl was inspired by an early career with how she 1 Nick Poggetti
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described, “with a lot of web sites and a lot of lonely guys .” 1 Instead of creating a story about sexual urges and temptations that might normally come to mind when the term “sex doll” is brought up, Oliver decided to create a story about a romantic relationship that in Lars’ mind was real . She is able to bring in the emotion, feelings, and problems that all spring from the typical male-female relationship and address many of the issues that arise in a normal relationship . As the film gets underway, we find out that Lars’ mother was dies during child birth . It is assumed that this is the root cause of his lack of social skills. During a therapy meeting with Dagmar, we see that even twenty seven years after his mother’s death, Lars is scarred of childbirth and the risks . We can see that pregnancy is a very touchy subject for Lars by his reactions when speaking about it during Dagmar and also how he treats his sister in law’s pregnancy . This emotion is rooted in his fear of losing someone close to him . It makes sense with these fears that Lars can find such comfort in a doll; so much so that he falls in love with Bianca and asks to marry her . A quote that supports this claim can be found right after the first time Lars takes Bianca to church . As they are leaving, Mrs . Gruner presents a bouquet of flowers to Bianca, to which Lars responds to
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Npoggetti_Critical book report - Nick Poggetti TESP 124...

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