lab01 - Lab 1 Introduction to the Attack Lab CSE 4481 4.0...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab 1 - Introduction to the Attack Lab CSE 4481 4.0 Computer Security Lab, Winter 2012 Due: Tuesday , Jan 17th, 2012, 11:59pm Format: Individual Learning Objective: To become familiar with the Attack Lab environment, practice configuring a small network, and perform some simple security related tasks. 1 Network Configuration A small company has decided to deploy a new IT infrastructure. While there are plans to add several workstations in the future, the proposed infrastructure contains only the devices shown in Figure 1. Windows Server Repository Windows Workstation Linux Workstation Toolbox Submit Figure 1: Network Configuration The company office will contain a Windows workstation, a Linux workstation, and a Windows 2003 server. The Windows 2003 server will be a domain controller. Two users for the Windows workstation must be created in the domain controller. Also, three local users are required for the Linux workstation. The IT department does not enforce any naming or IP convention. However, they do have the following policies: 1. There must be 50 reserved static IP addresses 2. Workstations are using dynamic IP addresses 1 3. The routing prefix of the network is 192.168.10x.0/24 where x is your workgroup num- ber (it will be provided by the instructor). 4. For each Windows user, there needs to be a shared directory whose name is the same as the user name. This shared directory is located on the domain controller in a directory called public...
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lab01 - Lab 1 Introduction to the Attack Lab CSE 4481 4.0...

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