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lab1_demo2 - formula was created and then"filled"...

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Comments Page 1 Operations on Whole Rows or Columns This model shows a number of approaches to performing simple calculations on whole columns of d methods can be used with rows of data. The Datasheet worksheet shows two columns of numbers labelled X and Y, and then two columns - and the other labelled X*Y - which contain the result of adding or multiplying the values in the X and the respective rows. It also contains four further rows labelled Minimum, Maximum, Average, and Me contain such values for their respective columns. The calculation of X+Y is done with simple cell references. The first one is created and then "filled" d column. The X*Y column is calculated with a formula using names for the X and Y columns - again t
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Unformatted text preview: formula was created and then "filled" down the column. The Minimum, Maximum, Average and Median rows are also created with two types of formulas. In of cell references is specified and in the other the named cell references are used. Comments Page 2 data. The same - one labelled X+Y d Y columns for edian which down the the first one case a range DataSheet Page 3 Using a copied Using named cell reference ranges X Y X+Y X*Y 4 6 10 24 5 10 15 50 3 5 8 15 7 2 9 14 3 7 10 21 9 3 12 27 8 9 17 72 7 5 12 35 Minimum: 3 2 8 14 Maximum 9 10 17 72 Average: 5.75 5.88 11.63 32.25 Median: 6 5.5 11 25.5...
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