lab3_Ex1 - building here will(in normal English be Sales>...

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Comments Page 1 Comments The Sales_Record worksheet contains the names of sales people and the dollar amount of sales they have made. These might be real estate sales people or commercial sales people for  example. This model will lead you through the creation of an if function. The if function will return as its result one of two possible answers depending on whether some condition is true or false. In this case the condition is "did the salesperson make sales greater than the average?". If the answer to this condition is true you want to have the words "Equal/Above" appear in a new  column in the row for that salesperson. If the condition is false you want the word "Below" to appear. The new column might be titled "Compared to Average". The if function has the template: IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false) Notice that there are three arguments. The logical_test argument in the example we're 
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Unformatted text preview: building here will (in normal English) be: Sales > Average This will have to be translated into cell references, of course. The value_if_true argument will simply be the string "Equal/Above" and the value_if_false argument will be "Below". Salesperson Sales BUSHBY $200,448 CAMPBELL $259,500 CORREIA $341,628 DHILLON $232,521 FERNANDES $302,356 FRASER $187,671 GRAVAS $209,988 HALL $163,171 JOHNSON $232,407 JOLLY $153,177 KALICHARAN $432,305 LUSSIER $233,761 MUHIC $337,960 NACCI $363,484 OLDFIELD $207,373 PARK $378,900 PAULSON $362,058 ROY $307,418 RUSSO $350,263 SABHARWAL $254,284 SHERRITT $307,425 SIMPSON $240,492 SIN $229,974 SMYLIE $402,026 THOMAS $157,740 TJANDRA $261,293 TROTTER $285,852 WONG $226,973 WRIGHT $239,778 BERNIER $171,904 BINCE $162,605 CUKIER $208,222 DA-COSTA $272,521 HUNT $127,826 IVANOVA $116,275...
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lab3_Ex1 - building here will(in normal English be Sales>...

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