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Lab4_Ex2 - AND2 =Adder!$G$6 AND23 =Adder!$D$8 AND3...

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The Adder worksheet implements a 4-bit full adder using logic functions. The user enters binary values for A and B and the adder performs the addition. This is accomplished by defining the output for each logic gate in the diagram. Named Ranges: A =Adder!$C$1 A0 =Adder!$N$4 A1_ =Adder!$K$4 A2_ =Adder!$H$4 A3_ =Adder!$E$4 AND0 =Adder!$M$6 AND01 =Adder!$J$8 AND1 =Adder!$J$6 AND12 =Adder!$G$8
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Unformatted text preview: AND2 =Adder!$G$6 AND23 =Adder!$D$8 AND3 =Adder!$D$6 B =Adder!$C$2 B0 =Adder!$M$4 B1_ =Adder!$J$4 B2_ =Adder!$G$4 B3_ =Adder!$D$4 OR1 =Adder!$I$10 OR2 =Adder!$F$10 OR3 =Adder!$C$10 XOR0 =Adder!$N$6 XOR01 =Adder!$K$8 XOR1 =Adder!$K$6 XOR12 =Adder!$H$8 XOR2 =Adder!$H$6 XOR23 =Adder!$E$8 XOR3 =Adder!$E$6 Numbers to add A B B3 A3 B2 A2 B1 A1 B0 A0...
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