Lab5_Ex3 - demonstrates recurrence relations. The...

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Comments - Investment Growth Model This example starts with "raw data" in the Parameters worksheet, consisting of an amount of money (initial capital) and the investment and maturity dates. The other data in the Parameters worksheet include the interest rate (per annum), the period after which interest is paid (as a fraction of a year) and the number of years of the investment (to be calculated from the investment and maturity dates). Apart from illustrating the use of various functions that operate on dates this model also further
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Unformatted text preview: demonstrates recurrence relations. The CapitalGrowth worksheet calculates the amount of the investment as it is compounded by the addition of interest for each period. The investment parameters - interest rate, investment period, and maturity date can be easily changed to see the effect on the final value of the investment. Initial Capital: Investment Date: Maturity Date: Interest Rate: (per annum) Interest Period: (years) Term: (years) Number of Periods: Compound Capital Growth Period Capital...
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Lab5_Ex3 - demonstrates recurrence relations. The...

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