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Computer Science and Engineering Course: CSE 200 Handout 1: Course Information Instructor: Russell Impagliazzo Spring, 2010 CSE 200: COMPUTABILITY AND COMPLEXITY Meets: M,W 3:30-4:50, CSE (EBU3b) 2154 Instructor: Russell Im- pagliazzo Teaching Assistant William Matthews Ofce: 4248 CSE building (EBU3b) E-mail: [email protected] My Web Page: Course Web Page: Ofce Hours: TBA. Texts: Arora and Barak, Computational Complexity: A Modern Ap- proach. Recommended: Garey and Johnson, NP-Completeness: A Guide to In- tractibility Recommended for those uncomfortable with proofs: Solow, How to Read and Do Proofs. Purpose: This course will introduce you to computational complex- ity theory, which studies and classiFes problems according to the resources required to solve them. In particular, we will try to understand what prob- lems are “easy,” what are “hard,” and how di±erent problems relate to each other. We will attempt to relate both the known results and the unsolved problems from complexity theory to various areas of computer science. In particular, we will show how computationally hard (intractible) problems are an obstacle to many areas of computing, but are actually useful for com- puter security. We will examine how various answers to the P vs NP related questions would radically change the nature of computer science. Outline: 1. Models of computation: Turing Machines and variants, RAM model, Boolean circuits. Simulating one machine model with another. The Church-Turing thesis and versions for e²cient computation. ( 4 lec- tures; see Chapters 1, 3, and 6 of Arora Barak). 1
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descript - University of California at San Diego Computer...

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