02interacting - Outline CSE 1570 Interacting with MATLAB...

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1 Introduction 1 CSE 1570 Interacting with MATLAB Instructor: Aijun An Department of Computer Science and Engineering York University [email protected] http://www.cse.yorku.ca/course/1570 Introduction 2 Outline • Starting MATLAB • MATLAB Windows • Using the Command Window Some useful commands • Using MATLAB as a calculator Arithmetic operations with scalars Order of precedence Elementary math built-in functions Introduction 3 Outline • Defining scalar variables The assignment operator Rules for variable names Predefined variables Useful commands for managing variables Introduction 4 Starting MATLAB On a campus machine, launch MATLAB through the “start” menu (clicking on the “start” button on the bottom left corner of the screen): Start All Programs MATLAB R2010a MATLAB R2010a At home, launch MATLAB through WebFAS: Log into WebFAS at http://webfas.yorku.ca with your FAS account Click on “Matlab R2011a” Introduction 5 MATLAB Desktop Window Introduction 6 MATLAB Windows Desktop window contains four smaller windows Command window Most important window for issuing commands and displaying the results Current Folder window (called “Current Directory” in some previous versions) Lists the files and sub-folders contained in the current folder The current folder is by default your personal desktop folder (My Documents), or F drive (your FAS home directory) when using WebFAS You can change the current folder (will learn later)
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2 Introduction 7 MATLAB Windows (Cont’d) Workspace window Lists the variables currently active Command History window Lists the commands that you have entered in the Command window. You can close and re-open any window Click on x at the top right corner of the window Open by selecting the window name from the Desktop menu Get back to default layout of the Desktop: Desktop Desktop Layout Default Introduction 8 MATLAB Windows (Cont’d) Three other important windows: Help window Provides help information Can be opened from the Help menu or by typing the doc command in the Command window Editor window (will study later) For writing and editing MATLAB programs and functions. Can be opened from the
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02interacting - Outline CSE 1570 Interacting with MATLAB...

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