Lecture-02.1 - Week 2.1 CSE 1540.03 January 9, 2012 Read:...

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CSE 1540.03 Week 2.1 January 9, 2012 Read: Chapter 3 and 4 of the textbook. Prerequisite for success in Computer Programming: Donald Knuth (perhaps the world's foremost Computer Scientist) put it best in a keynote address for the 11 th World Computer Congress in 1989: "What were the lessons I learned from so many years of intensive work on the practical problem of setting type by computer? One of the most important lessons, perhaps, is the fact that SOFTWARE IS HARD. From now on I shall have significantly greater respect for every successful software tool that I encounter. During the past decade I was surprised to learn that the writing of programs for TeX and METAFONT proved to be much more difficult than all other things I had done (like proving theorems or writing books). The creation of good software demands a significantly higher standard of accuracy than those other things do, and it requires a longer attention span than other intellectual tasks." Fortran Program Components Program Units main program, subprograms (functions, subroutines) Declaration Statements provide names and attributes of variables set aside space the "buckets" Executable Statements Manipulative Statements - manipulate values of variables (do work): assignment statements, input, etc. Control Statements
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Lecture-02.1 - Week 2.1 CSE 1540.03 January 9, 2012 Read:...

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