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stateOfTheArtInAI - State of the Art in AI Automous Robo9cs...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-09-27 State of the Art in AI Automous Robo9cs Vehicles: in 2005 Stanford team won DARPA Grand Challenge 132mi race in desert in 2006 CMU team won Urban Challenge; driving in urban environment, obeying rules, avoiding pedestrians, etc. (in closed AFB) Speech Recogni9on: United Airlines system allows caller to book flights France Telecom ARTIMIS uses model of ra9onal communica9on to interact with callers and provide info about community resources, stocks, etc. State of the Art in AI Automated Planning: NASA Remote Agent controlled a space vehicle NASA Mapgen controls Mars Explora9on Rover ESA Mexar 2 controls Mars Express in 2008 Game Playing: in 90's IBM's Deep Blue beat Chess world champion G. Kasparov; more recent matches won be computers checkers solved, i.e. found op9mal strategy 2011: IBM's Watson beats elite human players at Jeopardy in Go, good human players s9ll beat best programs State of the Art in AI Logis9cs Planning: DART system used in 1991 Gulf war; other systems s9ll in use Robo9cs: Roomba robo9cs vacuum cleaner Rhino museum guide robot (Germany, Smithsonian) Machine Transla9on: systems in use produce pre`y good results Spam Figh9ng: effec9ve use of learning procedures 1 ...
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