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Test 1 Review Sheet Finance

Test 1 Review Sheet Finance - Review Sheet TEST#1 FINA 365...

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Review Sheet TEST#1 FINA 365: C ORPORATE F INANCIAL A NALYSIS Finance Department, Darla Moore School of Business University of South Carolina, Spring 2012 FORMAT OF THE TEST Name: Section . Instructions Fill-in your name (last name first) in the space above Fill-in your name (last name first), your student id, and your special code in the SCANTRON sheet (You must fill-in the bubbles with dark marks using a #2 pencil.) Section 001: Tue, Thu 9:30 AM - 10:45 PM = Test Version A Section 002: Tue, Thu 11:00 AM - 12:15PM = Test Version B Section 003: Tue, Thu 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM = = Test Version C Multiple Choice Questions (allotted time 60 minutes) Use the SCANTRON sheet for the answers There are 20 multiple choice questions worth 1 point each. Choose the best answer (There is only one correct answer per question.) The result may not be exactly the same as the # you calculate due to rounding. Maximum possible score is 20. Total time allotted is 60 minutes. The university honor code strictly applies. This examination is a closed book exam. Turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices that may hamper with orderly conduct of the examination. Before you begin, make sure that the examination has been duplicated and collated correctly. You must return both the exam and the SCANTRON sheet.
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