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121 Русский Lesson 4 Review 1. She always asks about my work. I answer that it's very interesting, but difficult. 2. Does he do homework in the dormitory? No, he usually doesn't do homework, maybe because he's a senior. 3. I study in the library because I also work there. Olga works there too. I like Olga a lot. 4. Are you a sophomore? -No, I'm a junior. My roommate is a freshman. -I'm a senior. 5. Were they talking about us? -Yes, because they know that we were talking about them! 6. What are you thinking about? -I'm thinking about finances and international relations. 7. Did he go to/study at Duke? -Yes, he did well, because he always studied. He took French. 8. I was reading the second article. I thought it is very boring, but it's not difficult. 9. I am reading the first books. I love physics and chemistry, but I don't love German! 10. Is he reading my last letter? -Yes, he always reads your letters. егостараякнига
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