genitive rules

genitive rules - GENITIVE CASE--RULES§ RULE #1:...

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Unformatted text preview: GENITIVE CASE--RULES§ RULE #1: Possession: yes. Formula: 3’ + person-~in genitive + ears + thigwin nominative Literally: By someone there is a something. How we really translate it: Someone has something. Keep in mind the following things: a. adjectives and nouns must go together. If the person in the first blank has a modifying adjective attached to him/her, then that adjective must MATCH the noun, Le. if the noun is in genitive, so must the adjective be: 5’ xopomerft MaMbI GCTb Gonbmaa naMna. h. the first blank is Where you will see the Hero, nee, mix forms. They are pronouns here, and that means that they are standing in for nouns. We translate those forms in this situation as "He has, she has, they have. . . " RULE #2: Possesion: no (and negation). Formula: 37 + person—-in genitive + 1161‘ + thing—4n genitive Literally: By someone there is no something (none of something). How we really translate it: Someone does not have something. RULE #3: Negation: Saying things/people are here, then saying they are not: Formula: First, if something does exist, before it is negated: {Sheen} «1— ecu) + thing-4n nominative. Here there is a something. And if a person is here, not negated: Someone—in nominative + sateen. Now let‘s negate the above sentenees: 3,1160}: + Her + thing~~in genitive. OR 32160!) + Her + person-in genitive. RULE #4: Posession: ‘s = genitive case Example: Boris‘ hook is good. Knera fiopzee‘axopoman. RULE #5: OF + personithing == genitive case Example: 21 photograph anasha dporor'pmpmi Afmfl the University of Soul}; Carolina yfinaepcmeT vaafifilgpaawfiw RULE #6: _ at someone‘s place: at Kirill‘s, at the directer‘s, at the professer’s = y + person~~in genitive . Please more than this cmzszmczion only applies to PEGPLE. What yaw learned earlier abouz the prepositional case ( 5,26%: + prepositionai :0 indicate place) is still valid! Use Illa: construction for ifyau are mm: a place; use the new constructian with the genitive ifyou are at a person’s. RULE #7: Use genitive singular after numbers ending in 2, 3, 0r 4. This means that you could have a million and tw0~-put the item after that two into the genitive singular. Examples: 2113a qemoaana, qubzpe unobma, TpH mabe. (Remember that two comes in Moforms, one mascul£ne/neuter ( gga), the other feminine ( fifld.) ...
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genitive rules - GENITIVE CASE--RULES§ RULE #1:...

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