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201 case review - (Declension Declension of nouns(that is...

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Склонение (Declension) Declension склоне ́ ние of nouns имена ́ существи ́ тельные (that is, putting them in different cases падежи ́ ) involves adding endings оконча ́ ния to the root ко ́ рень of the word (or, more properly, to the stem осно ́ ва ). Before adding a new ending, you need to: know the gender род of the noun remove any existing ending know whether you need a hard твѐрдое or soft мя ́ гкое ending check whether spelling rules apply keep in mind any modifications to the stem: оте ́ ц, ры ́ нок, ковѐр (fleeting o/e), мать, дочь (addition to stem in oblique forms), сосед (softening of stem in plural), друг, сын, брат (addition and softening to stem in plural) The chart below only shows endings ; see the charts at the back of your book for examples with sample nouns. Note that for proper pronunciation you also need to take into account stress shifts (сестра
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