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Русский 122 Lesson 9 Review 1. He was drinking vodka with these Russian students. His parents weren't home. 2. I had lunch yesterday with his young mother and his old teachers. [focus on the plain fact that you had lunch; whether you finished lunch isn't important: there's no particular result] 3. I usually have dinner with him. I often have ["take"] shishkebab, but yesterday I had chicken Kiev. 4. Where are your friends? Did you find them? -I found him but I didn't find her. 5. I'm 20, he is 19, and she is 12. I know them but she doesn't know him. 6. Do you want me to make you a pizza? -Yes, with cheese, with sausage, and with onions, but without mushrooms! 7. I alway get ["take"] the borshch, but yesterday I got the cabbage soup. 8. Do you drink tea with milk and with sugar? -Yes, but my Tibetan (тибетский) friend sometimes drinks tea with butter and salt. 9. He loves chicken; today he ate up (ie, he finished, polished off) two portions. He always eats a lot. 10.
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