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6-7-8 review sentences

6-7-8 review sentences - 122 2010 1 2 3 4 7 1 2 3 4 6 We...

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Русский 122 весна 2010 урок 6 1. We don't have new books, but we have old newspapers. 2. Did you see them? -Yes, they're in the living room. 3. His mother has a beautiful apartment in Moscow, but she doesn't have a dacha. 4. There is no hot water in our house. урок 7 1. I saw his sisters at the dacha. His older sister has three children 2. They were born and grew up in Vladimir. He is 12 and she is 19; I'm 20. 3. Does she love him? -Yes, but he doesn't love her; he loves her sister. 4. What are your friends' names? --Don't you know them? His name is Sasha and her name is Masha. 5. Serious, smart students study Russian. They go/come to class every day. 6. We don't have friends in Moscow, our friends live in Irkutsk.
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