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Русский 122 Unit 6 Review Make mini-dialogues according to the model: книга a Я хочу книгу! [to the neighbor] У тебя есть книга? б Есть/Нет, у меня нет книги. а У кого есть книга? в У меня есть книга. Ты хочешь книгу? Пожалуйста! Use these words: карандаш, ноутбук, телефон, ручка, письмо 1. Does your dad have a house? -No, but his friend has two houses. 2. Does he have books? -Yes, but he doesn't have this good big dictionary. 3. My mother has a new car. My daughter has two cars. I don't have a car. 4. At my place the rugs don't hang on the wall. We don't have such a tradition. They lie on the floor.
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