H102 - Test 1 Briefing

H102 - Test 1 Briefing - HIST 102 (Sections 10-18) Test 1...

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HIST 102 (Sections 10-18) Test 1 BRIEFING: Multiple choice, 25 questions, based on the lectures (the outlines for which see 1-7 on Blackboard, course documents), two or three questions per lecture. THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR: Turn up on Wednesday, 8 February by 1:25 pm. Without a valid doctor’s note explaining an absence, anyone who does not turn up will receive an automatic zero on the test. No alternate times and dates, except for those taking the test through SDS (in which case the necessary paperwork must be passed to me by Monday, 6 February). A. Make sure you read the instructions carefully . . . tests that have to be graded by hand due to messing up the ID part of the testing sheet will lose a point (i.e. top possible score will be 24, not 25); B. do NOT fill in more than one “bubble” per question . . . that counts as a wrong answer, even if one of the bubbles is the correct answer; C. do not jump to conclusions . . . read all the possible answers, and be particularly careful if
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This note was uploaded on 02/13/2012 for the course HIST 102 taught by Professor Osokina during the Spring '10 term at South Carolina.

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H102 - Test 1 Briefing - HIST 102 (Sections 10-18) Test 1...

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