102-6- Rise and Fall of Napoleon(3)

102-6- Rise and Fall of Napoleon(3) - Europe-1806-14 - uses...

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Rise and Fall of Napoleon Rise to Power: - promoted to become successful general in 1790s - involved in political coup, 1799 – becomes First Consul - Crowns himself Emperor, 1804 Reforms: - administrative; legal; educational - Concordat with Papacy, 1801 Wars to the End: - 1799-1809 – defeats five sets of coalitions of great powers, becomes master of
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Unformatted text preview: Europe-1806-14 - uses Continental System against Britain -1808-14 The Spanish Ulcer -1812 defeat in Russia-1813-14 defeated by 6th coalition (Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia)-1815 returns from exile for 100 Days defeated at Battle of Waterloo...
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