Global Cities & Survival Circuits

Global Cities & Survival Circuits - Saskia Sassen's...

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I. Global Cities and Survival Circuits Mainstream view of globalization: place no longer makes difference due to instant communication, electronic markets, global info economy, etc. Spatial dispersal of economic activities and neutralization of place 1. Global Cities: demand for low-paid service workers (255) employment in growth sectors = source of workers’ empowerment 2. Survival Circuits: 3 rd World countries [trafficking women] (256) 3. Globalization serves double purpose (256) 1) forge links b/w sending and receiving countries 2) enabling local and regional practices to assume global scale II. Toward an Alternative Narrative About Globalization 1. Territorial centralization of top-level management, control operations, and most advanced specialized services (256) 2. “information economy” – material conditions, production sites, and activities bounded by place (257) 3. Alternative = focus on work of producing and reproducing organization and management of a global production system and a global marketplace for finance. (257) resources deeply embedded into place structured by local constraints III. Women in the Global City
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Global Cities & Survival Circuits - Saskia Sassen's...

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