European Union - EUROPEAN UNION LECTURE I. History 1....

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EUROPEAN UNION LECTURE I. History 1. “Spirit of 45” (1945) never again – no war against other European nations relative to “Spirit of 76” – (American Revolution) 2. Identified 2 specific syndromes to dynamics of war… 1) repayment from loser for compensation Franco-Prussian War (France Pays) WWII (Germany pays) – FRA wanted revenge Allusion of natl. economic sovereignty – strategic control over natural resources Results of Franco-Prussian War 1) FRA repayment 2) GER keeps Alsace-Lorenz due to iron-ore source wanted to gain natural resources 2) View – control own territory to use natural resources for war 3. What were 3 mistakes & solutions? 1) Repayment from loser Marshal Plan – generosity of US and US building up allies for resources and safety 2) Allusion of strategic control Shuman – pool resources to make it equally available to businesses everywhere No strategic advantage; benefits of these resources would abate (iron ore, coal, steel, steel scrape) ECSC FRA, GER, ITA, LUX, Netherlands, BELG – created fair trade system (1951) 4. How did expansion happen? 1) Geography – 6 original countries came together in spirit of 45 UK not involved because…
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1) G.BRI = this is our finest hour (1940) because GER invaded all of W. Europe besides
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European Union - EUROPEAN UNION LECTURE I. History 1....

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