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Human Rights & UN Machinery

Human Rights & UN Machinery - Commissioner of Human...

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Human Rights & United Nations Machinery  1. UDHR: Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) 2. ICCPR: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1974)  3. ICESCR: International Covenant on Social, Economic, & Cultural Rights (1966)  I. UN: Principal Avenues for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights 1. Human Rights field offices, in cooperation w/ UN member state (via Office of the High 
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Unformatted text preview: Commissioner of Human Rights 2. Special Sessions of the Human Rights Council, to review country sistuations 3. Thematic work and complains procedure. “Special Procedure” under aegis of Human Rights Council and its Advisory Committee – with assistance of OHCHR. 4. Universal Periodic Review undertaken bY human Rights Council 13:43 13:43...
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