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Cinema & Globalization - Cinema and Globalization...

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Cinema and Globalization Innovation (what local conditions contributed to its development?) -Dissemination -Resistance -Imitation -Adaptation The concept of cultural diversity has multiple and sometimes divergent meanings Cultural homogenization and heterogenization are not alternatives or substitutes; rather, they tend to come together Finally, cross-cultural exchange, while it will alter and disrupt each society it touches, will support innovation and creative human energies [Topic] Cinema as agent of globalization Cinema affected by globalization f Globalization: Flows =Flows of people: producers and consumers =Money: international funding for media production =culturally significant symbols: widely-liked/accepted symbols (McDonald ver); take something and convert it/improve it. .? (flexible version) =flows of technology and technologies of flow =global market = ideas: dissemination of ideas, conventions, genres (“action,” “gangster,” “horror”) Invention of Cinema: Fast exposure/high-speed photography put together little fragments/snapshots of action movement/motion pictures Edison: private consumption; Lumiere brothers: social activity Rapid spread in major cities: causes for flow:
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Cinema & Globalization - Cinema and Globalization...

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