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Name E CONOMICS 452 Q UIZ 2 B “Has Globalization Created a Borderless World” by Janet Ceglowski, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Business Review March/April 1998, pp 17-27 1. What are some of the reasons why “The overall level of international economic activity has escalated in recent years”? What innovations have occurred that make trade easier? What policy changes have governments made? 2. Despite increased international economic activity, this paper summarizes how “recent research finds that national borders continue to affect U.S. trade flows and product prices” and that “the estimates of the border’s effects are substantial.” Why do national boundaries still matter? 3. What features of the US and Canada make the US-Canadian border ideal for looking for a evidence of a border not mattering? How liberalized is US-Canadian trade? Where do most Canadians live relative to the border? How do language and social, political, and cultural traditions compare?
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