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E CONOMICS 452 “Texas Border Employment and Maquiladora Growth” FRBD Southwest Economy October 2005, “The Maquiladora's Changing Geography” FRBD Southwest Economy Second Quarter 2009, “The Globalization of U.S. Business Investment” FRBD Staff Papers February 2008 REQUIRED: All students are required to read these sources about foreign direct investment (FDI) and multinational firms in place of having class on Thursday, November 17. Also read KOM (our textbook) pages 176-178 and 180-188 for class on Tuesday, November 22. If time permits, I will lecture on this material from Chapter 8 that day. EXTRA CREDIT: Students who want a chance to improve their overall grade in the class by one point (out of 100) can complete a 1,000 word written assignment about foreign direct investment. Write a paragraph or two on each of the following items: 1. Pick an example of foreign direct investment, such as Honda having a plant producing Accords in Marysville, OH. Describe information about the investment such as year built
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