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econ 410 homework1 - Homework 1 Spring 2011 ECON 410...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework 1 Spring 2011 ECON 410 Professor Li Gan Macroeconomic Theory Due 2/1/2011 (Tuesday) (A) Multiple Choice Questions: (3 points per multiple choice problem) 25 questions. Please use scantron to answer multiple choice problems. 1. Macroeconomics does not try to answer the question of: A) why do some countries experience rapid growth. B) what is the rate of return on education. C) why do some countries have high rates of inflation. D) what causes recessions and depressions. 2. All of the following are important macroeconomic variables except : A) Real GDP B) The unemployment rate C) The marginal rate of substitution D) The inflation rate 3. A typical trend during a recession is that A) The popularity of the incumbent president rises B) Incomes fall C) The unemployment rate falls D) The inflation rate rises 4. Macroeconomists cannot conduct controlled experiments such as testing various tax and expenditure policies, because A) It is against the law B) They tried once and it did not work C) The experiments would cost too much D) Economists already know the answers that would come out of the experiments 5. Assume that apples cost $0.50 in 2002 and $1 in 2007, whereas oranges cost $1 in 2002 and $1.50 in 2007. If 4 apples were produced in 2002 and 5 in 2007, whereas 3 oranges were produced in 2002 and 5 in 2007, then the GDP of 2007, using a base year of 2002, is: A) $5 B) $7.5 C) $9.5 D) $11 6. Real GDP______ over time and the growth rate of real GDP _____. A) grows; fluctuates B) is steady; is steady C) grows; is steady D) is steady; fluctuates Page 1 7. In a simple graphical model of the supply and demand for pizza with the price of pizza measured vertically and the quantity of pizza measured horizontally: A) Both quantity and price of pizza are determined by the owner of the largest pizza store. B) Quantity is determined by the price of the pizza. C) Price is determined by the quantity purchased. D) Both quantity and prices are simultaneously determined. 8. In the above model, when the price of hamburgers increases, the price of pizza ___ and the quantity purchased _____ A) Increases; increase B) Increases; decreases C) Decreases; increases D) Decreases; decreases 9. Given a Cobb-Douglas production of 9....
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econ 410 homework1 - Homework 1 Spring 2011 ECON 410...

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