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ARCH 434 syllabus - ARCH 434-500 The Role of Painting and...

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ARCH 434-500 The Role of Painting and Sculpture in Ancient Architecture Instructor: Dr. Nancy L. Klein, Department of Architecture, Office: Langford A 405 Telephone : (979) 845-1015 (department); 458-1328 (office) Email : [email protected] Office Hours : T/TR 2-4 and by appointment ARCH 434 Course Description Undergraduate Catalog: Interrelationships of architecture, painting and sculpture in the ancient world including Egypt, Mesopotamia, Crete, Greece and Rome. ARCH 434 is a course for advanced undergraduates. It is expected that students will already have an understanding of ancient architecture and are prepared to engage in scholarly research and discussion. Classes will include PowerPoint lectures, discussion of assigned readings, and student presentations. Among the topics to be considered are the development of artistic styles and conventions, iconography and symbolism, art as propaganda, and the power of art and architecture to create historical awareness, social memory and identity. Prerequisites: ARCH 249, ARTS 149 or permission of instructor. Meeting Time: Class will meet Tuesday/Thursday from 12:45-2:00 pm in Architecture C307. All lectures and exams will take place in this room. Course Objectives To develop an understanding of the role of painting and sculpture in architecture through the study of preserved monuments and an introduction into the methods of modern art historical analysis: Visually recognize and identify the artistic styles of specific cultures [Knowledge] Distinguish the formal conventions for representation and narrative [Comprehension] Understand the importance of cultural heritage and its role in national identity [Comprehension] Apply critical thinking to existing and proposed decorative programs [Evaluation]. Requirements Required Reading: A selection of readings will be assigned by week and will be available on WebCT. Attendance: Texas A&M views class attendance as an individual student responsibility. Students are expected to attend all classes and to complete all assignments. ***PLEASE NOTE: MATERIAL PRESENTED IN LECTURE AND CLASS DISCUSSION MAY INTRODUCE MATERIAL OR EXPAND UPON POINTS ONLY BRIEFLY CONSIDERED IN THE REQUIRED TEXT. Excused absences: Rules concerning excused absences may be found at Except in the case of the observance of a religious holiday, to be excused the student must notify his or her instructor in writing (acknowledged e-mail message is acceptable) prior to the date of absence if such notification is feasible. In cases where advance notification is not feasible (e.g. accident, or emergency) the student must provide notification by the end of the second working day after the absence. This notification should include an explanation of why notice could not be sent prior to the class. Accommodations sought for absences due to the observance of a religious holiday can be sought either prior or after the absence, but not later than two working days after the absence. If needed, the student must provide
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ARCH 434 syllabus - ARCH 434-500 The Role of Painting and...

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