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ecmt 463 syllabus - ECMT 463 Introduction to Econometrics...

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ECMT 463 Introduction to Econometrics Spring, 2011 MW 4:10-5:00, HECC 209 Prof. Haeshin Hwang Office: ALLN 3075 Office Hours: MW 5-5:30 in HECC 209, and F 10-12 in ALLN 3075 Office Phone: 845-7301 e-mail:, Website: TA: Three TA's to run six recitation classes (Cheng, Liu, Nam) TA for writing: Brandon Campbell <> and Jeremy West <> Text Book : Introductory Econometrics by Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (4 th edition, or any previous edition) Course Description : This course introduces the basic statistics, linear regression models for the analysis of economic phenomena, statistical properties of the models, and various methods of estimation and statistical inferences. It covers in depth the special features of various econometric models and economic data, and appropriate estimation and inference methods for each model. This is a Writing Intensive Course. To fulfill the goal of the W- course, students are encouraged to identify an interesting economic issue early on in the semester, to specify an empirical regression model based on economic theories that students have learned in the past, and to apply appropriate estimation and inference methods from this course. Course Objectives : Students are expected to learn econometric theory of estimation and hypothesis test, and be able to apply them to the analysis of economic data. (a)Students will develop the ability to identify the appropriate procedures of estimation and statistical inference for a given econometric model and economic data. (b)Students will be able to interpret and explain the empirical results. (c)Students will learn how to use a major econometrics software (STATA) through numerous empirical exercises. (d) Students will also develop writing skills that are suited for the analysis of economics issues: identify an interesting economic issue, identify the economic theory that helps to analyze the issue, specify the empirical estimable model, estimate the model and interpret the results. Students will get the help from the instructor and teaching assistants at each step of writing, and complete a research paper in a professional format. Prerequisites : CPSC 203 or INFO 209; ECON 323; MATH 131 or 142; STAT 211 or 303. Course Outline : See below for the details. The time schedule is only an estimate: we may deviate from it from time to time, depending on the pace of the coverage. Course Requirements (a) We will have several homework assignments including empirical assignments (15%), two midterm exams (10% each), the final exam (30%), and the research paper (35%). (b) The midterm exams are tentatively scheduled on February 21 and March 28. The final exam is at 3:30-5:30 on May 9, 2011. Exams are always comprehensive, although most questions will be from the material covered after the previous exam. There are no multiple choice questions. No makeup exams will be provided without a university-approved and documented excuse. (c)
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ecmt 463 syllabus - ECMT 463 Introduction to Econometrics...

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