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Department of Mathematics Fall 2011 Volodymyr Nekrashevych Math 411 — Problem Set 3 Issued: 09.16 Due: 09.23 3.1. A tourist wants to visit six of America’s ten largest cities. In how many ways can she do this if the order of her visits is (a) important or (b) not important? 3.2. A domino is an ordered pair ( m,n ) with 0 m n 6. How many dominoes are in a set if there is only one of each? 3.3. How many ways can 5 history books, 3 math books, and 4 novels be arranged on a shelf if the books of each type must be together? 3.4. 20% of all students are left-handed. A class of size 20 meets in a room
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Unformatted text preview: with 5 left-handed and 18 right-handed chairs. Use your calculator to find the probability that each student will have a chair to match their needs. 3.5. Use the Poisson approximation to compute the probability that you will roll at least one double 6 in 24 trials. How does this compare with the exact answer? 3.6. In one of the New York state lottery games, a number is chosen at random between 0 and 999. Suppose you play this game 250 times. Use the Poisson approximation to estimate the probability that you will never win....
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