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econ 426 paper_assignment_spring10 - Econ 426 Antitrust...

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Econ 426 S. Puller A n t i t r u s t E c o n o m i c s Research Paper The research paper is one of the major requirements of this writing-intensive course. The paper assignment is to critically analyze a particular example of regulation or deregulation. You should find an industry currently facing an important regulatory policy question. Hopefully this is an industry that particularly interests you. Find three academic or policy papers that analyze this industry’s regulatory policy. Using these papers as background material, you should analyze how future regulatory policy should be designed for the industry. Your analysis should describe the various policy options, discuss the tradeoffs and economic efficiency of each option, and formulate a policy opinion . You may choose an industry that we have not studied in class. Alternatively, you may choose an industry we have talked about as long as you address different issues from what we discuss in class . If you choose an example that we also discuss in class, I expect your paper to cover new ground. However, you may not turn in a paper (or a very similar one) that you also use in another course. Due Dates : February 23 Æ One page topic description. March 23 Æ Full Rough draft. April 27 Æ 2000 word Final Draft. Milestone #1 : A one-page description of your topic is due on February 23. First, you must do enough background reading to identify an important regulatory policy to analyze. You can use a variety of resources to find a good idea. For example, read the Wall St. Journal , The Economist , ask your economics professors, go to websites such as AEI Research Center: Department of Justice Antitrust Division: Search databases of academic articles such as the EconLit database on the University Library’s website ( and Google Scholar ( Places where economists share their musings such as o The Economists’ Voice: o The Becker-Posner Blog: o Greg Mankiw’s Blog: o Brad DeLong: An economics journal with good summary articles is the Journal of Economic Perspectives . You can access it from the library website. I also have assembled a set of potentially useful links on the course website.
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econ 426 paper_assignment_spring10 - Econ 426 Antitrust...

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