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1 Econ 426 Prof. Steven L. Puller ([email protected]) Spring 2010 Office: Allen 3046 Antitrust and Regulatory Economics Course Description: This Writing Intensive Course will have you analyze contemporary issues in antitrust and economic regulation. Introductory microeconomic theory teaches that perfect competition leads to an efficient (the economist’s word for “good”) allocation of resources. However, perfect competition is rare and there are a variety of situations in which the market will not achieve the socially efficient outcome. Economists have developed prescriptions for regulation to correct market failures. However, government intervention comes with its own shortcomings. This course will discuss failures of the market to achieve socially efficient outcomes, and the ability and shortcomings of governmental intervention to correct those market failures. We will study economic regulation in a variety of industries including airlines, electricity, gasoline, natural gas, and computer operating systems. Prerequisite : Econ 323 Readings : Bulk Pack of Readings available at Notes N Quotes, 701 University Ave. Class Web Page : http://econweb.tamu.edu/puller/econ426.htm Grading : 2 Midterm Exams (20% each) + Research Paper (35%) + Final Exam (20%) + Class Participation (5%) Class discussion is required by everyone; participating in classroom discussion will help you clarify your own thinking (and improve your participation grade). Also, peer review work on term papers will be counted in your participation grade. The tentative dates for the in-class midterms are Tuesday March 2, Thursday April 8, and Thursday April 29. Research Paper : This is a writing-intensive W course. Choose a particular example of regulation, discuss the goals and effects of regulation (or deregulation) on the industry, and critically analyze the design of the regulation. A one-page description of your topic and the question(s) you will address is due on Tuesday, February 23. A full rough draft is due on Tuesday, March 23. The final paper is due on Tuesday, April 27 at the beginning of class. The research paper must be a minimum of 2000 words in length. I will provide additional details about my expectations for the paper in class.
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