server1.opentracker - z=document;

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z=document; ot_b="http"+(z.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'s://':'://') +''; t2=escape(z.title);ti=t2; if (t2.indexOf('%u')!=-1) ti=escape(t2); cd=(new Date("December 31, 2023")).toGMTString();cld=new Date();fv=false;ac=false; if(typeof(top.document)=="object") ot_r=top.document;else ot_r=z; if(ot_r.location!=z.referrer)ot_r=z; if(z.cookie.indexOf('machine-id') != -1){ ac=true; }else{ if(z.cookie.indexOf('machine-id')==-1){f_sc("machine- id","",cd,"/");} if(z.cookie.indexOf('machine-id') != -1) ac=true; } rc=f_rc("machine-id");lc=escape(z.location);ot_t0=1097243229830; function f_log() { ot_im=new Image(1,1); +'&t0='+ot_t0+'&ti='+ti+'&'; } function f_sc(n,v,h,p,d,s){ fv=true; z.cookie=n+'='+escape(v)+((h)?(';expires='+h):'')+((p)?';path='+p:'')+
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This note was uploaded on 02/13/2012 for the course EE 3220 taught by Professor Audiffred during the Fall '06 term at LSU.

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server1.opentracker - z=document;

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