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UML CS Analysis of Algorithms 91.404 (section 201) Fall, 2011 Homework Set #6 Assigned: Monday, 10/17 Due: Monday, 10/24 (start of lecture) This assignment covers textbook material in Chapter 7. Note: Partial credit for wrong answers is only given if work is shown. 1. (25 points) QUICKSORT vs. HEAPSORT: This problem uses array A = < 18, 34, 22, 7 > from. Apply QUICKSORT to array A to sort it into non-decreasing order. Use the (nonrandomized) version of PARTITION given on p. 171 of the text. (a) Illustrate the operation of QUICKSORT on A using Figure 7.1 on p. 172 as a model for the operation of PARTITION . (b) How many swaps are performed by QUICKSORT to sort A ? How does this compare with the number of swaps that would be used by HEAPSORT for this same array
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Unformatted text preview: (including swaps needed to build the heap)? How meaningful is this result in terms of comparing the asymptotic running time of the two sorting procedures? 2 . (30 points) QUICKSORT Analysis: Textbook Exercise 7.4-2 on p. 184. 3 . (10 points) Suppose that the PARTITION procedure of QUICKSORT is modified to always use the first element as the pivot (instead of the last element). In this case: a) Provide an example of an array of elements that constitutes a worst-case input for the revised QUICKSORT procedure. b) Provide an example of an array of elements that constitutes a best-case input for the revised QUICKSORT procedure. 4. (35 points) Hoare Partition : Textbook Problem 7-1 on p. 185-186, parts (a)-(d)...
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