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potts-par coord for volumes - A Parallel Coordinates...

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A Parallel Coordinates Interface for Exploratory Volume Visualization Simeon Potts, Melanie Tory, Torsten Möller Graphics, Usability, and Visualization (GRUVI) lab School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University sgpotts@sfu.ca, {mktory, torsten}@cs.sfu.ca 1. Introduction Volume data exploration and analysis are important tasks in many visualization domains, including medical imaging and computational fluid flow simulations. However, these tasks can be quite challenging, because effective volume rendering interfaces have not been established. With traditional volume rendering interfaces, understanding the space of available parameters, keeping track of what you have done, and undoing operations to go back to previous states are particularly difficult operations. Parallel coordinates [Inselberg, 1990] is a graphing technique for multi-dimensional data points that is used for finding correlations and other interesting features in a set of observations. A parallel coordinates graph consists of one vertical axis per variable, with data points plotted as a series of line segments connecting the values of the individual components together. We apply the parallel coordinates layout to the parameter space used for volumetric rendering, where the variables include camera orientation, transfer functions for colour and opacity, zoom and translation of the view, a volumetric data file, and a rendering technique. Many other parameters are possible, and are only limited by what the chosen set of rendering techniques supports. Cutting plane position and orientation, light placement, and shading coefficients are a few additional examples. By organizing visualization parameters in a parallel coordinates layout, all parameters are explicitly represented to clearly illustrate the space of available options for volume rendering. 2. The Parallel Coordinates Interface We have developed an application that uses parallel coordinates as an interface for volume rendering. Our interface is illustrated in Figure 1: Diagram of our parallel coordinates interface,
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potts-par coord for volumes - A Parallel Coordinates...

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