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Unformatted text preview: 22.381 : HOMEWORK # 1 DUE: JANUARY 27TH, 2012 This is the first homework from chapter # 1. (1) (9 pts) Estimate the drag force on a Boeing 747 aircraft. Make clear: Any assumptions you needed make. Any sources of information you used. Layout (clearly) the process which you used (2) The following questions from the Munson textbook should completely attempted and handed in. Your grade for each will be (2 pts) if the problem is appropriately completed, (1 pt) if an incomplete attempt is handed in and (0 pts) if you do not attempt the problem. (a) Munson Question 1.27 (b) Munson Question 1.29 (c) Munson Question 1.39 (d) Munson Question 1.42 (e) Munson Question 1.52 (f) Munson Question 1.59 (g) Munson Question 1.60 (h) Munson Question 1.65 1 ...
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