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1 Sarah Neubauer English 169 12/15/2010 Demystifying Death In The Crying Of Lot 49 by Tomas Pynchon, the word Tristero represents a legendary underground mail system connected to a labyrinth secret society. When suburban Oedipa Mass is named executor of her ex-lover’s estate, she falls into the mystery of Tristero and the W.A.S.T.E. mail system. Pynchon shows Oedipa finding symbols connecting Peirce to the truth of Tristero, but she is unable to verify a correlation. Pynchon exposes that patterns and coincidences involving the deceased can be easily drawn. However, the novel’s lack on conclusion suggests that for Pynchon, an interpretation of events is versatile and that any analysis has a direct association between materials left by the deceased and the interpreter’s desire to give meaning to death. Humans need closure from loss and destruction in order for the deceased to not consume ones life. Oedipa’s inability to verify a connection and draw closure between Peirce and Tristero, as Pynchon exposes, will lead her to insanity. This obsession is brought on from the lack of supported meaning due to the loss of her guides. The connection between Peirce’s estate and Tristero began with the simple similarities, which were supported by an entangled group of strangers. A play’s rare dialog, a counterfeit stamp collection, and the history of both were all provided in context by expert strangers. At first read, the names, people, and places are hard to fallow, yet each person has a critical validation and connection to Pierce and Tristero. A Pynchon porttras both obscurities were unable to provide information regarding their existence or
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2 connection, Oedipa relied solely on the material Peirce had left her: his estate and guides. As the correlations continuously arose, she became dependent on a world with no certain meaning. She says, “With coincidences blossoming these days wherever she looked, she had nothing but a
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crying of lot - 1 Sarah Neubauer English 169 Demystifying...

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