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Poli 100 September 1, 2010 American Political Culture 1. How different should incomes be? a. Wealthy compared to poor, our wealthy are much wealthier (talking about top 5% and bottom 5%) 2. Wealth a. What constitutes wealth in a society? a.i. Human Resources—the creators of technology; much wealth is generated by human resources a.ii. Natural Resources—that are utilized through technology and well-trained workforce a.iii. Existing Wealth a.iv. Governmental infrastructure—cannot begin to positively develop a country without effective government because can control economy completely (almost) a.v. Examples: Extra luxuries; standard of living; GDP—productive economy; have nice “things”—roads, airports, other existing set of commodities and then the strength of the economy; note: most wealthy countries are mainly market driven 3. Why did North America develop as it did? a. In comparison to South America—lack of imperialism; people moved to SA to
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