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Hill - Hill AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Thursday 2:08 PM PG 161 1 2...

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Hill AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Thursday, January 26, 2012 2:08 PM PG 161 1, 2 Explain how her argument (that a certain kind of porn is wrong) is Kantian and non-consequentialist. Now what do we say about government intervention when it conflicts with freedom of speech. Kant In presenting his moral theory, Kant presents his idea that the fundamental moral prinicple is that you should act only on the maxim that you can consistently will as moral laws. You need to treat humanity in each person not as means but as an end. What is humanity in a person? o Aristotle said human beings are rational animals o We should treat people this way because they are persons o We should treat them in the way that’s fitting and appropriate - not objectification o What is an end? It is something you strive for, so when you say person are ends he means they are self existent ends. They have a status and you shouldn’t produce or promote (?) o This idea connects to human dignity.
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