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ENST Study Guide Date Readings/Notes 8/24 “The Fate of Greenland Vikings”: -came to Greeland Islands, prospered for a bit and abruptly abandoned the area -weighed down by pressures to support the church, it took their best pastures and most of their food -Norwegian vessels stopped coming -environment began to deteriorate due to bad farming techniques, erosion and loss of fertility -climate changed shorter summers -example of “collapse” stuff “The Lessons of Easter Island”: -stuff from “collapse” 8/26 “The Population Story…So Far”, : -populations growing too fast -smaller families worse, more energy consumption per person -birth rates in 3 rd world countries are way too high -women rights are not existent in poorer countries and women are being forced to have babies -HIV hurting women -need more money for contraception and family planning teaching 8/29 Pearce book: -average 100 gallons a day in the US for direct use of water, but much more for food -650 gallons of water to grow a bag of rice -3000 gallons for a quarter pound hamburger -water “footprint” is a serious issue -“virtual water” all water involved in trade and manufacture -US biggest exporter is US -ethical questions about use of virtual water for growing cash crops in desert areas like Pakistan and Sudan -underground water is running out and being used till it disappears in areas -greenland has a lot, Kuwait, UAE does not have a lot -salt covering fields -need a “blue revolution for water use 8/31 “The worst mistake in the history of the human race”: -agriculture has led to the growth in populations that hurt our planet today -people are worse off from agriculture -diets are worse, more stressful work, less leisure time, separation of classes, more disease spread -Hunter gatherers averaged 5’9” for men and 5’3” for woman before, and people shrunk to 5’5” and 5’ after agriculture
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-50% increase in enamel defects 9/2 Pearce book: 27-44 -India has spent a lot of money on diverting water for irrigation of crops -it has backfired in creating huge silt deposits while stopping flow of important rivers downstream -also leads to salt deposits as water evaporates -high priced ground water is running out and not being replenished
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ENST Study Guide - ENST Study Guide Date 8/24...

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