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Good study guide - ENT S201 Mid-Term Study Guide Key Themes...

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Key Themes Failure to innovate- The idea that a non-progressive stance leads to the downfall of society/man. It is important to take into consideration the environment and your surroundings. Readings: The Fate of Greenland’s Vikings- Dale Brown: The vikings in Greenland failed to innovate and this led to their downfall. The vikings followed pastoralism which was not practical given the environment they were in. When the small ice age hit it was no longer practical to rely on pastoralism for survival. At the time the ice age arrived so did the Inuit natives. They were returning back to Iceland because they were hunter gatherers and follow their prey. The Inuits then encountered the Vikings. The Vikings decided to attack them despite the Inuits peaceful stance. This was not wise because the Vikings were slowly dying from the inability to grow crops and feed their animals. The Inuits could have taught them how to survive using the hunter gatherer method. All the Inuits were killed because the Vikings had superior weapons. Key Idea: We need to be open minded to new solutions. As the world starts facing more problems we need to be able to consider different solutions (life style alternatives). The geography of Nowhere: This article talks about suburban sprawl. I see it as an example of a failure to innovate because we are investing in a system that we know relies on the usage of oil and cannot be maintained. Instead of innovating and designing cities that place shopping center, schools, houses etc. .. near each other we instead rely on zoning that keeps all of these separated. This article also brings up the idea that city planning is designed for cars often leaving out sidewalks, benches and other amenities that would make cities appealing to pedestrians. The design is also discriminates against the old and young. While the last two ideas are not necessary for survival they are a key component of leading a fair and enjoyable lifestyle. Key thought: What will happen when there is a gas shortage and you can’t make it to the grocery store or the food in the first place can’t be produced or shipped to the grocery store? Pearce : These readings give example of the use of irrigation in both India and Pakistan. While irrigation has allowed a large production of foods it is also depleting the underground water found in aquifers. In India of water used to water crops is obtained from underground sources. While this is depleting water sources it is also ruining the soil. In Pakistan they are having issues with salinization of the soil. Innovation is needed in order to support the growing populations in these two countries where more fertile soil is needed in order to obtain a sufficient food supply. Key: This is an example of where innovation needs to occur now in order to prevent
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Good study guide - ENT S201 Mid-Term Study Guide Key Themes...

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