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Date Reading/Notes 10/2 4 “As the World Burns”- tried to make legislation that would charge a “fee” to oil companies in order to compensate for the carbon emissions they let out -argued between a “linked fee” that would charge them for a much as they sold and a “pass” that they would have to buy in speculation of their sales -politics was a main issue as politicians were using the bill as a bargaining tactic and a way to put down others -someone spun the “fees” off as taxes and tried to get the nation behind them in order to put down the bill -eventually oil spill happened and threw everything into a turmoil
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Unformatted text preview: Friedman 53-76- everybody is becoming like americans which is destroying the world 10/2 8 Friedman 77-139-(same as last section pretty much) Schapiro 179-189-conclusion about how the U.S if falling behind the rest of the world powers in regulation-Movie “poisoned waters”--chesapeake is being polluted from nutrients from agricultural businesses on the eastern shore of Maryland, the chicken manure is running into the bay and creating too much algae which creates “dead zones”-puget sound is being polluted by the industries on its shorelines-boeing has pollutant in its concrete fixer...
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