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Final Study Guid - What two pathways produce a high MVO...

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What two pathways produce a high MVO according to Kasser et al.? Be able to explain how each works. How two the two pathways interact? Hi folks, I've had a few requests for the discussion questions I have on sakai that are not on Greg's blackboard for this term (they were on his site last term). overall the questions we have for the second half of the class are less pertinent, because its the section which has been over-hauled the most and we haven't updated the questions. But here are the ones that seem relevant: A. Materialism Given these two distinct pathways to high MVOs, what sort of antidotes can we create to either reduce MVOs or protect children from developing high MVOs? Advertising as Culture 1) How does advertising affect our home life, relationships and identity? -people become more self conscious, just want to buy the new product, don’t care for not materialistic goals, believe in “magic” that advertising promotes, treat relationships as things, short term thinking 2) What impact does advertising have on culture? -happiness now comes through being rich, Margaret Thatcher: no such thing as society 3) What are the consistent stories that advertising tells of the world? -if you buy our product you will find love -our product will make you like famous people -our product will make you attractive 4) What values does advertising tell of the world? -materialism, shallow judging based on appearances 5) How do people become happy in a modern society? Does advertising reduce our ability to be happy? -the become “happy” by becoming rich, being able to buy as many things as they can 6) What is the real relationship between wealth and happiness? -it increases your happiness to a point, and then it just levels off 7) How does advertising relegate key social issues to the margins of society? -? 8) What type of social vision does advertising promote? -everybody needed to be attractive and buy the newest thing 9) How much do we spend as a society each year on advertising? 10) Why does advertising not focus on the quality of a product but instead try and link a given product to real desired quality of life issues? -so that people can make a connection as to how that product will change their life 11) How does advertising influence our ability to perceive the future and plan for the long term? -it doesn’t, it makes you think short term 12) What is meant with the notion that the problem of capitalism is not production but insuring sufficient consumption? -that they can produce everything we just need people to buy it 13) Why do advertisements seek to promote insecurity and generate upward social comparisons? -it persuades people that they need to buy the product in order to be cool and trendy and move up in class
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B.Pollution and technology Pollution lecture Pollution Be able to describe the difference between: I) Preindustrial pollution -as people became sedentary, we became worse at removing waste ex. First agricultural compounds were disease havens due to large group of people living together with out any
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Final Study Guid - What two pathways produce a high MVO...

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