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Review Session - Review Session Feed In Tariff says that...

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Review Session: Feed In Tariff: says that anyone can produce energy and sell it to the grid, very lax limits that normal people won’t supersede, guaranteed price based on how they are making the energy for long terms, makes it so that people are definitely going to make their money back; you are getting paid by utility companies, allow people to make money, when people started making money it made a very powerful group of supporters Net Metering: unable to make money on the energy, best you can do is get a zero bill, common in U.S -Spain had no limit on renewable energy, it was targeted at large investors, normal people didn’t do it -Germany had some limits; rural areas had 1 in 4 people take advantage, Germany: public financing of elections, have illegal forms of funding, U.S: has legitimized corruption through campaign laws, utility companies are stopping the passing of feed in tariffs, Gainesville has only real one Link Between Inside Job and Class: ELITE MODEL -specific example of free market failure -short term gains over long term -elite model: how decision making is being done in contrast to the public welfare -same things that drive energy policy and such -no different in U.S when it comes to energy that it is when it comes to finance -big corporations get what they, revolving door, agency capture, PACS etc. (look up for more) -bunch of wall street people want no restrictions so they can make money, then when it falls apart they want government to come in and fix everything -pervasiveness of elite model -Germany uses stakeholder rather then shareholder, people knew better then free trade and demanded more of an economic policy that made a lot of manufacturing jobs, everyone is not going to be a stock trader, this year in Germany in Photo Voltaic, there are more than steel workers in U.S, we could start manufacturing these new environmental things to create more jobs -U.S said that market would take care of everything, if manufacturers want to go that’s OK, we can just be service center -SAYS LAW; supply creates own demand, at the heart of the models of Supply Side Econ -should be determined by human knowledge (human capital), many more determinants, infrastructure
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Review Session - Review Session Feed In Tariff says that...

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