9. The Abortion Controversy

9. The Abortion Controversy - The Abortion Controversy 42...

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The Abortion Controversy: 42 million performed in the world each year Relative to western nations- the us has a very high rate of legal abortions The pope referred to abortion as a holocaust- “whole burnt offering” The terms of the debate are perfectly dualistic- pro-choice or pro-life- imply that one side is against life and another is against choice-choice and life are mutually exclusive- but they aren’t- lack of any middle ground is demonstrable- seems to make a working resolution impossible Argue that there is a common ground - trying to complicate/ deal with the either or argument Theologically and philosophically debate tends to dwell on question if fetus is a person- if they are then they should have rights of a person and not be murdered Primo Levi- talking about how persons were turned into non-persons- monsters From the perspective of some religions- since the moment of conception, the fetus is endowed with a soul and it is a matter of dogma (taken for granted, not questioned) that the fetus must be a person- many others don’t agree with this- depend on socialization - believe that the fetus are potentially a person but not exactly or completely one when it is still unborn For sake of the argument- we will call the fetus a person- does it follow that abortion should be illegal?- does not follow easily because the fetus is not the only person at stake- the mother- if she is deprived of her right to decide whether or not to carry a baby to
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9. The Abortion Controversy - The Abortion Controversy 42...

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